May’s Cocktail: Piscola from Chile

As we drift towards sunshine-filled days I am thinking of those wonderful cooling cocktails I tasted while on a trip to South America in 2005.  One of the common hard alcohols used in many of the countries in South America is Pisco, and every country has its own version.

Pisco is a type of grape brandy made from Moscatel grapes and is found everywhere in Chile. It is a clear liquor that has a scent reminiscent of tequila and is mixed with many different ingredients.  But because Chileans are the largest consumer of Coca Cola on the South American continent, Coca Cola is the preferred mixer for any Sunday parillada.  Unlike here in the US when you might order a Cuba Libre, in Chile the Pisco comes in a tall glass on the rocks (with at least 3 shots) and the glass bottle of Coca Cola on the side.

We’ve used Capel Pisco and Coca Cola with real sugar (no HFCS here).  Piscola

What’s better than to sit back in the sunshine with a tall glass of Piscola?




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