Why are Organics Expensive & Monsanto’s GMOs Cheap?

Do you know a farmer?  Do you know what they have to do to bring you your food?

Ever wonder why organic foods are relatively more expensive and sometimes hard to find, while biotech-derived junk foods such as sodas and sweet snacks with high fructose corn syrup are cheap and found everywhere?

It’s because of a federal law known as the Farm Bill that uses billions of dollars of our tax money every year to subsidize corporate factory mega-farms, biotech crops, and chemical agriculture while slashing food stamps and neglecting healthy food programs.

Billions go to these mega-farms, etc. while little is done to support the diversified, sustainable, and organic farms we need.

I grew up on a farm and my dad struggled to farm competitively while he used farming practices that included crop rotation, no use of pesticides, organic additives, and letting small parcels of land rest each year.  His brother, also a farmer, benefited from the Farm Bill which paid him to NOT grow crops and to use conventional farming practices such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  This frustrated my dad constantly.  And my dad ultimately gave up the farming business while his brother thrived at farming.

Our Farm Bill should encourage sustainable farm practices which help provide a clean environment and strengthens local and healthy food availability.  Instead, the Farm Bill encourages cheap, fast, unhealthy foods which lead to obesity, diet-related diseases, a rise in greenhouse gas emissions and farm run-off that pollutes our land and drinking water.

Support your local farmers by purchasing your summer fruits and produce at farmers markets.  We do.

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One thought on “Why are Organics Expensive & Monsanto’s GMOs Cheap?

  1. I agree. Big Business is reigning right now, and small organic farmers are dying on the vine. But there’s hope…. a new bill on the November Ballot about GMO labeling.

    According to the Organic Consumers Association‘s latest article, our Secretary of State has announced the ‘Right to Know’ initiative and what that means is GENETICALLY MOTIFIED FOOD (GMO), the stuff that your system just can’t process, (if passed) will now be ‘known’ to you, and this will be on the November Ballot. Some of us, I like to think most of us are reading labels, and really want to know what we are eating. Way cool! High fives all around!

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