June Cocktail: Dark and Stormy

Ah, it’s finally Friday and time for our June cocktail from down under:  the Dark and Stormy.  You mix together dark rum (I used Gosling’s Black Rum from Bermuda) and ginger beer (I used Buderim Ginger Authentic Australian Ginger Brew, nice and hot & spicy) swirled over ice and top it with a slice of lime.  I must say, mate, it is delicious!

The Dark and Stormy has been associated with the sailing and yachting communities and was apparently brought to Australia from Bermuda by Australian rugby players.  Well, I don’t sail or yacht, and I’m not a rugby player, but I’m glad I can have it here in the US.  Now run down and pick up some dark rum and ginger beer and join me!


2 thoughts on “June Cocktail: Dark and Stormy

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