Fresh Apricot & Honey Ice Cream

A fellow blogger had posted about a craving for ice cream, so he made his own with raspberry puree.  Yum!  Of course that created a craving for ice cream for me!  I’ve made the ordinary:  the strawberry, the red, white & blue (raspberries and blueberries in vanilla ice cream), the banana walnut with 99 bananas liqueur.  But I had just received a carton of apricots from my organic stone fruit connection and decided to give that a try.  And, for the first time, I used honey instead of white or raw sugar.  What a mellow, creamy combination!

Fresh Apricot & Honey Ice Cream

  • 6 to 8 eggs
  • 3/4 cup raw honey
  • 2 T vanilla
  • 2 pints half & half
  • 2 pints heavy cream
  • 4 cups fresh pureed apricots

I make a custard from the heated half & half with the honey,  tempering by adding some of the heated mixture to the well-beaten eggs.  Mix well, then add back to the remainder of the half & half with honey mixture, adding vanilla, and mix well.  Pour into ice cream mixer, add pureed apricots and heavy cream, and freeze according to freezer instructions.

The honey took a little longer to freeze than the sugars I usually use.  But, wow, what an interesting taste!  The honey accentuates the flavor and scent of the apricots, and adds to the creamy mouth-feel.  What different types of fruit have you tried in your homemade ice creams?

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