jc100: Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

English: Julia Child, Miami Book Fair Internat...

English: Julia Child, Miami Book Fair International, 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether it’s the familiar warble of her voice on The French Chef television series or the parody of her by SNL’s Dan Aykroyd, there can be no denying that Julia Child was and is a moving force in the foodie movement.

Julia Child’s publisher, Alfred A. Knopf, (Knopfbooks), the original publisher of Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961), is putting together quite a celebration for Julia Child’s 100th birthday anniversary.  Like in the book and movie Julie & Julia, many cooks and chefs will be re-creating and photographing recipes to celebrate the iconic American-turned-French-food-enthusiast, Julia Child.  Many of these recipes will be available for online sharing by 100 food bloggers.

Julia Child's Kitchen

Julia Child’s Kitchen (Photo credit: Kevin H.)

The results are posted at http://pinterest.com/knopfbooks/jc100 and at what organizers are calling the “online headquarters of the JC100”:  http://www.facebook.com/JuliaChild.

Fans are encouraged to post photos of their own JC100 recipe dishes on the Facebook page and to join the party on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JC100.

What will you be cooking and sharing?

Signature of Julia Child

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