Paper comes from trees, or does it?

I’m a big lover of paper:  different colors, different textures, different sizes.  I’m also a big lover of snail mail, both sending and receiving.  Remember receiving a letter in the mail that was scented?  In today’s world of texting, facebooking and emailing, these attributes of paper are becoming a distant memory.

I do get to play with paper some yet with the brochures that are included in my DIY dinner kits.  I wanted to use an eco-friendly paper, and I’ve chosen to only use paper from Ecopaper in Ventura, CA.  Their beautiful selection of papers began in 1989 when Harry of Eco Paper, Inc. traveled to Costa Rica to go surfing and discovered a way to use post consumer and agricultural waste as paper using no chemicals, less water, and inks made from vegetable oil and soy.  It’s truly tree free.  These natural papers are all natural fibers from banana, coffee, hemp, lemon and other exotic tropical agro-industrial wastes.

Bananas !!

I use the banana paper, which has a greyish tint speckled with various colors from the agricultural waste.  It not only has great colors, but also it has great textures.  The specific banana paper used in our brochures is only from agriculture waste and is 10% banana fiber and 90% post-consumer waste, with no chemicals or additives added.  EcoPaper’s mantra:  “Using one ton of our fiber saves an estimated 17 trees.”

The mango paper is orange like the flesh of a mango.  The coffee is a splattered brown and white.  The lemon is a pale yellow.  But sorry, no scents!  Just great colors and textures.  And they have some great products such as journals, art and sketch pads, and notebooks.  Check out their website:

It just might make you want to put down your smartphone and pick up pen and paper again.

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