Foodie PenPals

penpalsRemember when you were a kid and you had a penpal?  Someone from your country, or, even better, from some other exotic country?  Remember the excitement of opening up the mailbox and receiving a letter with that country stamp on the envelope that was so exciting?  Exciting because it was new and different?

I haven’t had a penpal in a long, long time.  I’m a busy person who uses email and social media to communicate with friends, old and new.  But I came across a website on the internet that intrigued me.  And especially intrigued the foodie in me.  It’s the Lean Green Bean foodie penpal program  This site belongs to Lindsay, a Registered Dietitian, who blogs about healthy living.

Someone who’s interested (like me!) signs up each month on Lindsay’s website, then Lindsay matches you with another foodie penpal so you can exchange a collection of foodie items, usually that locavore stuff you find at your farmers markets or at your local small food stores.  Each box of food stuffs has to be less than $15, needs to include a note of why you chose those items, and can be sent out USPS flat rate.

My foodie penpal for June is Nancy from Wisconsin (I’m in California).  I received this great box of goodies from Nancy: IMG_1156Nancy’s box of fun foodie things from Wisconsin included baby rice popcorn (yep, had some for lunch today!), Dashelites hot sauce, Gail Ambrosius dark chocolate/almond dusted squares (those went fast!), crackheads (chocolate/coffee caffeine jolts), Really good raw bar (yes, it was really good & healthy), marinated mushrooms and a carrot cake jam.  I haven’t had a chance to try everything yet, but can’t wait.  Yummm!


All I can say as a foodie and as a locavore:  Fun, fun, fun!  So check out the site and join us!  Lindsay has foodie penpal lists for both the U.S. and Canada, and she includes this link for the UK and Europe:  Lindsay matches you with a new foodie penpal every time you sign up.  I won’t be participating EVERY month, but I definitely want to do it again soon.

It’s time to have fun like a kid again with Foodie Penpals.


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