Prescriptions for Dining Out

It’s not often I go out to dinner, or even lunch, during the week.  Just too busy for that sort of thing.  And that’s what weekends are for, what I live for.  And I’m also not a fast-food junkie, EXCEPT for the occasional street taco or breakfast burrito!  Or Kennebec french fries with truffle oil?  Yeah, that’s where my weakness lies!

So though I’m always thinking about my girlish figure during my busy week, when weekends come, all bets are off!  So I really enjoyed the attached article on what to enjoy, or not enjoy, during meals out.  Like one participant in the article stated, “A fine restaurant is not the place for dietary dogma. ‘It is barbaric to go to a restaurant like this and order only things that some dietitian has told you to eat’ ”

I LOVE that!  I also agree with the statement “As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.”

So what’s your take on eating out?  Do you order the salad, sans dressing?  Only grilled or steamed fish?  No alcohol?  Or do you reach for the bread AND butter?  The fish with the butter sauce?  The pork belly with some other scrumptious sauce?  AND a bottle of wine?

So take a look at this New York Times article; interestingly, it’s from April 1986.  As for me, I’ll be truly dining!

Prescription for Dining Out: 2 Health Experts Face Menus


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