Smokin’ Hot Hatch Chiles

IMG_2590One of my favorite memories is traveling with my Dad from Texas to college in California, and making a stop in New Mexico for some of their not-to-be-missed dishes prepared with Hatch Chiles.  Yum!

As described in Wikipedia:

“Chile grown in the Hatch Valley, in and around Hatch, New Mexico is called Hatch chile. The peppers grown in the valley, and along the entire Rio Grande, from northern Taos Pueblo to southern Isleta Pueblo, are a signature crop to New Mexico’s economy and culture.[1][2] The chile pepper actually is a fruit, however, it is savory and eaten like a vegetable in a main dish or side. It is New Mexico’s state vegetable, and the official New Mexico state question is “Red or Green?”.[3]”

So I’m thrilled every August when they show up in one of my local markets.


Last night half of my Hatch Chiles were roasted under the broiler and added to a pizza which included:

  • a whole wheat & chia crust I put together last week
  • Jarred marinara sprinkled with smoked paprika
  • crispy bacon
  • caramalized onions with a little basalmic
  • a selection of shredded mexican cheeses
  • garlic oil-infused garbanzo beans



Spicy, smoky, garlicy, and the sweetness of the caramelized onions, with a thin and crunchy crust.

Oh, yes, I love Hatch Chile season!

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