We’re Moving Our Blog to a New Home!

I so enjoy writing a blog to inspire me and hopefully inspire those who read it to go out an explore foods of the world, wherever and whenever you can.

So, to help consolidate my website AND my blog, you’ll find my blog at a new address:


I hope you’ll head over there and follow my blog there. You’ll find our recent blog on “Why Organic” on why I reach for organic produce and meats when I can, plus a list on my website, https://passportdinners.com/why-organic/, with a printable sheet you can carry to the store of items you are fairly safe buying conventional, and of other items you are better off splurging on organic.

Another recent blog post is Date Nite: Romance is in the Air, a call to re-connect as a couple with our Date Nite box.  Who doesn’t need a little romance in their lives?


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